Installation presentations:

What is more immaterial than artificial intelligence? Nevertheless, there are artists who give it shape. This is likely to facilitate the encounter.

Artificial intelligence is a concept that scientists started to describe before really programming it. Simultaneously, authors of fiction started to give it form without any constraints. Finally, there are digital artists who, in the field of art, confront the public with artificial intelligence through generative or interactive artworks. These artists are generally motivated by the idea of initiating encounters and sometimes even, dialogues within the physical spaces of galleries or art centres. By experiencing the artworks of artificial intelligence, the public increases its intimate knowledge of it. To the point that our comments complete these performative installations which, because of their relative autonomy, escape the control of the artists who entirely conceived and built them.

When? Installations will be exhibited throughout the whole conference. Additionally there will be presentations/discussions with artists on Day 1 at 17:30–18:15 and a performance by Jana Bernartova’s with Stephanie Coerten on Day 2 at 12:30–13:00.

About installations

Jana Bernartova: Generating Text on Generative Art, 2013

Jana Bernartova‘s installation is the result of exploratory art project called Generating of texts of generative art exploring possibilities of artificial intelligence. Minimalist installation consists of austere led diode display devices, timer and computer. The core of the installation is immaterial in terms of the software. Installation shows not only the passing time but also the phenomenon of generative art. Based on careful programming, the author lets the software generate a database of texts on generative art which is enclosed in a safe space.

Testing the topic in this space can be done by using its own tools and language. Detaching from the human factor in the research process, the key issues are coming up to the surface. It deals with the fact of the strongest motive imperfection of a human who is unable to accommodate passing of data in their complexity.

Maša Jazbec in collaboration with Varvara & Mar: AI Comics, 2021

The aim of the project is to produce comics created through collaboration of a human, AI and a robot. To do this, the installation uses humanoid robot, AI and audience participation. The combination of communication, images and words creates a visual story, produced by both the human and the AI robot.

When it comes to the interaction flow, the participant writes a text to start a conversation with EVA. Afterwards, the audience can create the visuals for his/her comic and hear the reply from a robot to the text inserted. For that, one takes place next to the humanoid robot EVA (a NAO robot). EVA replies in voice and then a photo is taken. The algorithms generate the photo image into the comic drawing. The comic drawing is then printed, and the user can take it.

Artists: Varvara & Mar
Developed in:
DDT Lab, RUK residency
Technical assistance:
Žan Rajšek
Project Manager:
Maša Jazbec

Mathieu Zurstrassen: I-Lexioo, 2022

I-Lexioo is an interactive divinatory Oracle. An expression of a chimerical algorithmic deity, the device takes the appearance of a slot machine possessed by a robot-humanoid kinetic creature. The autonomous installation is controlled by a singular Neural Network (AI), trained to interact with the user; the latter asks him questions about the future and the device answers him/her in real time. The installation confronts algorithmically generated content with ancestral popular beliefs, with a dash of playfulness.

The peculiar name refers with a note of humour to the three major personal assistants developed by the companies Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri) and Google (Hub).

Production: Mathieu Zurstrassen, Martin Pirson
With the support of:
La fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

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