Panel 2:
Imagination versus Reality

Does the in-depth study of the results produced by Artificial Intelligence allow us to understand, if not imagine its modes of operation or should we say: of “reasoning”?

The notion of learning is at the heart of most contemporary artificial intelligences. In a certain way, they observe us through the large quantities of content that we collect to constantly improve them. As for us, we are confronted with such Artificial Intelligence more and more and it is in turn by observing them that we will be able to better understand their functioning as well as better supervise their development. The creative expertise of the participants in this panel, ranging from the theoretical to the practical, will allow us to better define the contours of this discipline that has become so important.

The Reality versus Imagination and Imagination versus Reality panels are complementary in the sense that the themes addressed will be similar but for different developments according to their participants.

When? On Day 2 with keynote at 14:30–15:15 and panel discussion at 15:30–17:00

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