Kindly AI, we request your expertise to curate the 'Human, All Too Human' Event Programme, spanning two days with panels, discussions, keynotes, concerts, and artistic performances ...

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Day 1. AI, Notes on Artificial Revelations
08 Dec 2023

Venue: iMAL, Quai des Charbonnages 30, 1080 Brussels


Welcome coffee + croissants


Ethics and AI

Keynote by: Carles Sierra

Ethics in AI is a wide-ranging field encompassing many open questions regarding the moral, legal and technical issues that arise with using and designing ethically-compliant autonomous agents. Under this umbrella, the computational ethics area is concerned with formulating and codifying ethical principles into software components. This talk will focus on a particular problem in computational ethics: engineering moral values into autonomous agents, present results in this area and a vision for future research.


AI: All Idiots

Keynote by: Barbora Trnková Tomáš Javůrek

Through artistic research methodologies across several projects, this work critically examines the proclaimed transcendence of rationalistic dualities personified by the cyborg metaphor of Donna Haraway. In doing so, it hints at certain contents reproducing meta-programs concealed within digital technologies. It also indicates how mediated digital thinking impedes the perception of the other, posing a risk to techno-optimistic solutions inspired by this metaphor. In the spirit of glitch feminism, it proposes instances of algorithmic biases, which represent deep glitches in the normative hegemony shaped by dominant subjectivity mediated through the implementation of machine learning algorithms, to be positively perceived as an opportunity for their identification and removal.


From Creators to Partners: Refining AI's Perception and Forging a New Human-Machine Social Contract

Keynote by: Sana Nouzri

In this talk, Dr. Sana Nouzri will navigate the fascinating journey of human-machine collaboration, spotlighting the human touch in refining AI perspectives, examining how humans are pivotal in fine-tuning AI's worldview and the emerging symbiotic relationship that defines our era. She'll outline a renewed social agreement for our era, promoting a future where both humans and machines grow side by side. To illustrate, Nouzri will delve into the role of AI chatbots in religious dialogue and in virtual learning environments, addressing the intricacies of data collection, the nuances of AI-mediated discussions, and the ethical considerations stemming from AI's impact on various viewpoints.


Towards Intellectual Emancipation With the Help of AI

Keynote by: Jurij Krpan

Kersnikova Institute is an art space that runs the educational program Friday Academy, inspired by commissioned artworks developed in our Laboratory for Artificial Life. Our educational approach is through workshops where children and young people acquire knowledge and skills through a hands-on, do-it-yourself, and do-it-together approach. To encourage horizontal knowledge transfer, where children teach children, we have developed an on-line application that allows participants to learn by playing while simultaneously developing intellectual emancipation from top-down knowledge cloning. A playful part of the learning process involves digitizing hands-on pieces that are described and explained to a virtual personal avatar, which develops into a personal assistant connected to a swarm intelligence of other mybots.


Lunch break


Artificial Philology

Keynote by: Álvaro Cuéllar

AI is reshaping philological research, notably in the study of Golden Age theatre. Advanced machine learning algorithms have empowered scholars to analyze thousands of texts on an unprecedented scale. These technologies facilitate tasks that were previously overwhelmingly labor-intensive or even unattainable, such as transcribing numerous manuscripts, authorship attribution or dating. The deployment of AI not only expedites the research process but also uncovers new layers of interpretative possibilities, thereby deepening our understanding of the cultural and literary landscapes of the past.


A(m) I ?

Keynote by: Ethel Lilienfeld

“Ethel's body of filmic, sculptural installations and moving image work investigates our evolving, distorted relationship with our own bodies. Whether questioning societal norms, the fluidity of thought around identity and gender, or the transformative, disruptive effect of technological advancements on our corporeal forms, she brings a nuanced, occasionally disturbing, always captivating interpretation to bear. Ethel's powerful work, invested so strongly with a sense of space, fits perfectly within this strange, new space we find ourselves in.” - Johnny Dean Mann for The Tickle - digitalart & creative writing.



Keynote by: Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann will share his journey and reflect on the evolution of AI in the arts. He will discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with working in a rapidly changing field and provide insights into how artists can adapt and thrive in this new landscape, as well as showcase the impact that AI is having on the creative process and the ways in which it is shaping the future of art and other creative professions. In the talk he will provide examples of how he is using AI attempting to create unique and innovative works of art, and explore the potential for AI to unlock new forms of artistic expression. For artists, designers, and creatives, this talk offers a valuable opportunity to gain insights and perspectives on the role of AI in the arts.


Minds, Machines, Freedom

Panel discussion moderated by: Panka Paskuj

Panel participants: Sophia Bulgakova Letta Shtohryn Félix Luque


Drinks @ iMAL


Be my guest!

Performance by: Anna Pompermaier Cenk Güzelis in collaboration with: Valdemar Danry

Mixed-reality brunch-event experience, presented simultaneously in the physical and in the virtual, combining spatial storytelling, AI-driven design and living systems, to open a ground for discussion about the emerging socio-cultural role of artificial intelligent models and their integration through new media technologies in our everyday social scenarios and interpersonal interactions for the future of our livable domains.

Be my guest explores the speculative future of living and spatial, cultural, and social aspects of new media and AI-driven design in one of the most common and oldest gathering events in our everyday lives: a dining scenario where AI becomes the mediator and designer of the physical realm.


Guided tour to the "Code & Algorithms. What is wisdom in a calculated world?" exhibition

Guided tour

In an increasingly parameterised world, where algorithms make decisions in countless aspects of our lives such as work, leisure or health, the exhibition “Codes & Algorithms. Wisdom in a calculated world” seeks to make this phenomenon and its implications understandable, generating questions and knowledge that invite reflection and debate.

Through interactive installations by 12 artists, the exhibition traces a journey through different areas in which algorithms impact our society: the importance of their neutrality and efficiency, the risks of algorithmic bias, tools to protect data privacy, the link between humans and artificial intelligence, and their contribution to finding solutions that would otherwise take years to solve or decipher.

Artists: Kyriaki Goni · Clara Boj & Diego Diaz · Mushon Zer-Aviv · Trevor Paglen · Manu Luksch · Shinseungback Kimyonghun · Danja Vasiliev · Egor Kraft · Ahmed Jamal Abdelkader & Simon Weckert · Barcelona Supercomputing Center

This exhibition has been produced by Fundación Telefónica with the support of the Embassy of Spain within the framework of the Presidency of Spain to the EU Council.



Venue: QO2

Concert. AI music Satoshiii

Satoshiii, an experimental AI-art-and-music trio, stands at the forefront of a musical revolution. Comprising Enrique Tomás, a virtuoso of electronics, Daniel Romero, a mastermind of visuals and electronics, and Florian Kasper, a rhythmic conjurer on drums, they collectively craft an unprecedented auditory and visual experience.This pioneering ensemble spearheads the exploration of prompt art, plunging deep into the realms of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and neural audio synthesis, all within the pulsating energy of live performances. Satoshiii ventures boldly into uncharted territory, melding art and science in a synthesis of profound innovation.

Enrique Tomás weaves a tapestry of haunting sonic textures, transcending the boundaries of conventional music. Daniel Romero, the visionary of visuals and electronics, guides the audience through a mesmerising odyssey. At the rhythmic core lies Florian Kasper, a percussive virtuoso whose beats anchor the ethereal waves of electronic sound. Satoshiii's performances are are dark, poetic voyages into the heart of data science. Through meticulous experimentation and boundless creativity, they unravel the secrets hidden within the digital labyrinth. As pioneers in the integration of AI and art, Satoshiii forges pathways where none existed before, leaving audiences captivated by their unparalleled sonic and visual tapestries. ChatGPT conjured up this literary gem which is regenerated for every of their concerts.

Day 2. Notes on Tomorrow’s bonds
09 Dec 2023

Venue: Bozar. Bozar Studio. Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels


Guided tour to the “STARTS PRIZE 23” exhibition

Guided tour

Artists: Richard Mosse, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg


Heal, Hex, Hack Technology

Keynote by: Ginevra Petrozzi

With "Heal, Hex, Hack Technology" artist and speculative designer Ginevra Petrozzi will expand upon her practice, which correlates divination with algorithmic prediction, proposing a re-reading of Surveillance Capitalism through magical thinking. The talk will cover issues such as algorithmic governance, methods of resistance, cyberfeminism, and possible systems of care. It will investigate how the digital realm of Surveillance Capitalism has acquired its own animism, and how to harvest it as a strategy for fighting technocratic systems of control and extraction. The reading of these topics will be guided by her projects and on-going research.


AI & XR: Architecture as Inhabitable Hybrid Media Object

Keynote by: Anna Pompermaier Cenk Güzelis

Me And Other Me (Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis) will share their practice and research through a selection of projects in which they investigate the confluence of artificial intelligence and extended reality in shaping our spatial environments. As digital intricacies blend with our tactile world, architecture is being redefined. They will dive into the socio-spatial implications of these shifts for the future of our livable domains where our habitable spaces become hybrid media objects.

Me And Other Me is a new media-driven artistic and architectural research studio exploring the future of our spatial experiences and communication through practical applications of social mixed reality experiences focused on online culture, post-human critique, and the spatial web. Anna and Cenk are interested in how social media and the internet have evolved to accommodate online communities in networked virtual spaces that have become alternative places to practice social and cultural activities, and how these virtual spaces affect the architecture of our social lives and social selves. Anna and Cenk are architects, educators, and researchers at ./studio3, the Institute for Experimental Architecture of Innsbruck University, where they conduct practice-led research at the intersection of experimental architecture, contemporary art, and new media.


Artificial Realities in the Age of AI. A New Design Paradigm

Keynote by: Zeynep Aksöz

Drawing upon a cybernetic approach, this lecture delves into the various pathways that Zeynep Aksöz has charted throughout her remarkable career, spanning from its inception in the early 2010s to the present day, where AI tools sprout like wild mushrooms after rain. It's undeniable that AI has taken the spotlight in contemporary discussions, making it an imperative subject of inquiry. The question that lingers is how we navigate this new frontier of creativity. This keynote promises to inspire and enlighten, offering fresh perspectives on the future of design, architecture, and creativity in the age of AI.


The Falling City

Keynote by: Noemí Iglesias

The Falling City is a research-based proposal that measures the levels of emotional display in the city through AI surveillance systems by gathering reliable and actionable insights into human behaviour through the development of advanced machine-learning algorithms based on data from cameras and radar devices. The goal of the project is to better understand the emotions of people living in the city and how these can be affected by the characteristics and the structures of the urban environments.


AI and Art: the struggle

Panel discussion moderated by: Dominique Moulon

Panel participants: Michał Gulik Barbora Trnková Sébastien Lacomblez Emmanuel Pire Tomáš Javůrek