Barbora Trnková

Barbora Trnková

Barbora Trnková is an artist, photographer, curator, and artistic researcher. She diverges from conventional photography by emphasizing the tools involved in the context of digital media, rather than focusing on photographic images. She is in the final stages of her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, where her research critically examines the embedded metaprograms of dominant hegemony in our digitally mediated world, which stem from algorithmic biases present in machine learning programs. Her occasional theoretical and publishing contributions include chapters in Black Box Book and The Art of Screensaver. As a curator, she has designed the concepts of exhibitions at various galleries, including G99 within the House of Arts in Brno, Prague City Gallery, and in Berlin.

Since 2010, Barbora and Tomáš have collaborated under the moniker "&" and the platform Their collaborative work predominantly centers on digital media and internet-based art. They are the founders and curators of ScreenSaverGallery, an unique experimental exhibition space for digital art at They have also conducted joint research related to big data and visual In their roles as curators at ScreenSaverGallery, they co-authored the participatory exhibition project AI: All Idiots in Prague's MeetFactory, which explores the intersection of art and artificial intelligence.

At The Future of Living 2023 Barbora Trnková will participate with a keynote: AI: All Idiots. See more in the Conference Programme.

At The Future of Living 2023 Barbora Trnková will participate with a panel discussion: AI and Art: the struggle. See more in the Conference Programme.

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