Eva Fischer

Eva Fischer (SI), is an independent curator, cultural manager and lecturer in the field of experimental media, immersive art and art&technology. She curated and co-produced interdisciplinary exhibitions and performance series with a focus on audio-visual and post-digital art, immersive media and XR in institutions like: Belvedere21, MAK Vienna, ACFNY New York, MediaArtLab / Manege Moscow, Todays Art Den Haag, Künstlerhaus Vienna, Kunsthalle Project Space, Diagonale Festival and EXPO Shanghai. Currently she is leading Katapult Robotika (Katapult Robotics) laboratory in Trbovlje, Slovenia. Since 2021 she has been directing the new Viennese media art festival CIVA – Contemporary Immersive Visual Art and since 2022 she is responsible for the “Museum Innovation Barometer” as a project manager at Museum Booster Vienna. Moreover, since 2020 she teaches “Immersion Strategies” at the FH Joanneum in Graz and since 2021 “Experimental Game Culture” at die Angewandte in Vienna. As a lecturer she also gives guest lectures at international universities, colleges and festivals like: Beldevere Vienna, Angewandte Vienna, CTM Berlinm Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, DHBW Ravensburg, OK Linz, MOTA Spring and Festival Ljubljana.

Eva Fischer will be presenting her experience as both a curator and a lecturer engaged in the field of experimental media and immersive art. To this aim, she will be participating in the first panel to discuss how AI and technology represent a key element of her artistry and curatorial experience.

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