Jana Bernartova

Jana Bernartová (1983), visual artist, passed through a number of “media” studios in the course of her studies. She commenced her university education at the Faculty of Art and Architecture at the Technical University in Liberec, in Stanislav Zippe’s Visual Communication – Digital Media Studio. Her Master’s study was completed in Václav Stratil’s Intermedia Studio at Brno’s FAVU, and her doctorate in Federico Díaz’s Supermedia Studio in Prague’s UMPRUM. In many ways, the defining moment for her was coming to teach at Liberec University, which gave her a background for working with the most modern technologies, with knowledge of their potencies and limits. It is precisely what is lacking in the digital image – the tension between the virtual world and the lived reality, between data and their material outputs – that represents the central theme of her work hitherto. Jana Bernartová appears in the world of contemporary art not only in the role of artist but also in those of teacher and curator. Since 2016 she has organised the Art Week Liberec international festival. She is Pro-rector for Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Jana Bernartová will present an installation and participate as a performer.

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