Introduction to text-to-image creation using Artificial Intelligence algorithms with Mihai Grecu

The workshop will be focused on discovering new types of images generated by artificial intelligence. You will be using text-to-image model, in which a program based on a virtual network interprets an initial text written by the user and creates an image from this text.

The participants will use a stable diffusion software: it works as a computer program with a minimalist interface, in which a text is entered in English, one of the user's choice, and the program creates a number of images (usually between 1 and 12) illustrating the text. These images can be generated in different styles: photorealistic, pictorial, illustrative, depending on what the user has written. The possibilities are theoretically endless.

The workshop will be introduced and supervised by Mihai Grecu – an artist and film director, working in the fields of moving image and digital arts. He is an expert in digitally processed images.

At the end of the workshop, participants will know how the program works and will have created some images according to their interests.

To take part in the workshop, please come with your personal laptop and laptop charger. Refreshments will be provided to the participants all day, but lunch is not included.

Workshop host

When? Day 1 at 11:00–16:30.

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