Dear AI, please generate a landing page for the 3rd edition of The Future of Living. The title of the event this year is Human, All Too Human.

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“The Future of Living (with AI)” events series delves into the intersection of artificial intelligence with human life, culture, and society. It brings together diverse experts to discuss the impacts and future possibilities of AI, emphasizing ethical, social, and cultural considerations. 1

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This year, under Lucía García's curation, the event embarks on a journey through 'Human, All Too Human', highlighting the increasingly nuanced and complex nature of AI's integration into human contexts. 1

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Dates: December 8 & 9, 2023
Day 1:
iMAL, Quai des Charbonnages 30, 1080 Brussels
Day 2:
Bozar Studio, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels

Experience two days of groundbreaking discussions, innovative keynotes, and creative performances at the heart of Brussels. 1

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Delve into the backgrounds and insights of the esteemed participants driving the conversation on AI. From cutting-edge researchers to innovative artists, each brings a unique perspective to the table. 1

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In creating this artwork for ‘The Future of Living’ conference, I drew inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s style, integrating it with modern AI motifs. This piece embodies the intricate relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence, aligning with the conference’s theme of exploring futuristic technologies.

1 – Image and description conceptualized by Chat GPT